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GBA President Gerard Dache’ comments on the recent speech (July 14th, 2017)  in the US House of Representatives, by Rep. Rohrabacher, related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain based solutions… and the absolute need for rationality and sanity moving forward.

Response from President of the of the GBA:

 The Government Blockchain Association would like to affirm and support Congressman Rohrabacher and his call for more attention and use of cryptocurrencies and related technologies in order to both stop illegal action by criminals as well as foster the protection of rights of law abiding citizens.   Cryptocurrencies are often undergirded by blockchain and we agree with Congressman Rohrabacher that, as with any technology, this can be used by all manner of individuals and groups for doing right as well as breaking laws.  Banning digital currencies…certainly does not prevent the underlying criminality.  It is rational to use technologies such as blockchain to both thwart criminals as well as to encourage innovation for law abiding citizens.  We must, as a nation, find the right application of all technologies and continue to define crimes as something committed by humans, not inanimate objects and technologies.   All eight hundred-plus members of the GBA look forward to helping the United States Congress in a bipartisan effort, as well as other international lawmaking bodies, to find the best public-sector applications of blockchain.   We stand ready to establish focused working groups to assist in this manner and help to develop the use of related technologies.

The transcript of the Congressman’s comments can be found here: